Black & Decker CC800 Paper Shredder Review

The Black & Decker CC800 is a medium-duty paper shredder. It can handle up to eight sheets in a single pass. You can find this model for an average price of $85. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that it offers.


In addition to paper, the Black & Decker CC800 shredder is capable of cutting up staples and credit cards. The machine also offers a power boost function. This will give it additional power in case a jam is about to occur. The power behind the CC800 is quite immense and will prove to be an excellent shredding force against your documents and cards. This paper shredder was rated the best paper shredder of 2017.


The Black & Decker CC800 is a cross-cut design. It cuts paper up into 5/32-inch x 9/10-inch pieces. The unit offers various controls including automatic start and stop. There is also a reverse function to help get rid of any jams that occur.


Another nice feature offered by the Black & Decker CC800 paper shredder is the protective cover. You can snap the protective cover down when the machine isn’t in use. When you open the cover to use the shredder, it doubles as a paper guide so the sheets are aligned properly.


You will like how quietly the Black & Decker CC800 paper shredder operates. It has a noise level of 72 dB. The unit is equipped with a four gallon waste bin.


The Black & Decker CC800 has a black exterior. It measures 17 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and eight inches deep. It is backed by a one year limited warranty and a lifetime warranty on the cutter.

The Black & Decker CC800 paper shredder can handle up to eight sheets in a single pass. It is a cross-cut design that shreds paper into 5/32-inch x 9/10-inch pieces. It is also packaged with a protective cover that can also be used as a guide to ensure sheets are aligned correctly.

MSI GE700 Review Experience Great Gaming and Multimedia Entertainment

The MSI GE700 is an entertainment and gaming mobile laptop that promises to be one of the most incredible multimedia and gaming device that has shown up in recent years. It has an Intel Core i5 processor at its heart, and an ATI Radeon HD GPU that already has support for DirectX 11 to back up this claim, and great reviews on Thetechinsider. With its 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 processor the MSI GE700 provides lots of power for the laptop user while still being able to provide impressive energy efficiency rates. This is even more amplified by the incorporated Turbo Boost technology on the Intel HM55 chipset that could further the computing power of the unit up to almost 3.2 Ghz.

To productively manage this awesome power, there are a host of power management profiles preset into the machine that the user can choose from. This includes separate settings for video games and word processing duties and even settings for movies and for the Turbo Battery.

The ATI Radeon HD 5730 GPU of the MSI GE700 comes with a very generous 1Gb of DDR3 memory. It also has its own GPU Boost technology that lets users get an instant boost on the graphics performance of their machine with a simple push of a button. This incredible GPU also provides the MSI GE700 with 3D capabilities and the much needed DirectX11 support that makes the most out of the machine’s beautiful 1680×1050, 17 inch LCD display.

Using the Cinema Pro, the MSI GE700 becomes a marvelous movie machine that has a rich and colorful cinematic detail. The audio is clear and full coming out of the high definition speakers and subwoofer that are SRS Premium Sound certified.

For storage concerns, the MSI GE700 is equipped with dual SATA options that could handle up to 1 TB of data, more than enough to store hours of movies and games. Meanwhile a maximum of 4 GB of DDR3 memory can be fed into the RAM. Wireless connection is not a problem for the MSI GE700 with the 802.11b/g/n and the Bluetooth option. For wired connections on the other hand, three ports for USB 2.0 have been provided.

The MSI GE700 also boasts a built-in 720p crystal clear high definition webcam. This pretty piece of hardware shows off video at 30 frames per second even in widescreen format. This allows more than one person to be included in the shot without them having to squeeze into the frame.

Stones Mixed In Your Rice

Something I hate nowadays is when you buy a fresh packet of basmati rice from the local grocery store, expecting some outstanding quality that is seriously going to set off your taste buds in your mouth, only to be disappointed when you receive stoned filled rice packets, with this odd taste of pasty limestone.

Walmart is notoriously bad at this and I believe it has to be a quality control issue of them not checking their rice properly, hopefully they improve as we verge further into 2017 and with more and more customers looking to complain about the rice quality we can only expect better things to come from our local Walmarts.

When dissecting the stones that seem to be mixed into the rice we found that they were mainly composed of limestone. Occasionally there were traces of Iron, Lithium and Magnesium inside the rice, however the majority seems to be made from a limestone base, we account the limestone fragments in the bag down to the plants being next to a quarry or other type of construction area. When these two are close together the water feeding the rice plants can sometimes mix with nearby construction work and create stones inside the rice harvest.

The most annoying thing is to place the rice with the stones inside a rice cooker, we heard many stories from our friends at ricecookerworld of how the stones became insanely hot and would burn holes through plastic in the machine, and cause issues when it comes to cooking of the food. To avoid this either go for some high quality rice to avoid the stones or manually filter out the stones with your hands. A sieve may work however finding the right dimensions of the holes to allow the rice through but not the stones can be tricky so this may be best to avoid.