Macromolecule airflow blocker of automatic open-close type


1. It doesn’t influence the structure or the working of the original cooling towers.

2. Dampers are far from the water drenching area, so the probability of frozen on dampers is decreased.

3. Changing traditional working way to automatic control way to adjust the wind direction to modify wind quantity, so the anti freezing aim is reached.

4. No removing and neatly rotating not only don’t affect the wind quantity or cooling effect, but also prolong its serving life.

5. With installing overhead guard between the dampers and the cooling tower, the problem of icing on the eaves caused by wind taking from air intake is solved. That insures the freeze proofing effect.

6. The dampers are of low weight, convenience, safe and low cost.

7. Air damper is made from high polymer material; this device is applied to large natural draft cooling towers, especially sea water cooling towers.