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  • FRP automatic Distribution systemwww.7276.com
    FRP automatic water distributing equipment’s operational principleOwing to the assembling of automatic water distributing equipment in the entrance of channel, the upper channel can draw water by siphon action. In winter, when it is need to stop providing water to the inner tower, switch on the ele...
  • Wind deflector fan stack and air cooling tower fan stack
    fan stackair cooling fan ringsMAIN FEATURES: Formed by molding and made of FRP, fan rings’ surfaces are flat and smooth. The line types are accurate and excellent, low aerodynamic resistance, and beautiful appearance. Diameter of fan rings is reasonable....
  • FRP pultruded profiles
    Pultrusion FRP profiles: Increase the horizontal strength of profiles,so the FPR profiles is good at anticorrosive and anti- disintegrate. Pultrusion FRP profile is better than steel. Pultrusion FRP handrailPultrusion FRP grating: Use to support the PVC fill in cooling towerPultrusion FRP grating: I...永利娱乐官网
  • ylg8007.com
    FRP storage tankFRP gas skirtFRP air filter FRP cover plate...
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